The IT Infrastructure of most organisations has grown to a multi device and multi site environment making it more complex to choose the right solutions to fit into the business requirements.

Perfekt can help solve these issues with skills and experience across multiple vendors and products, aligning your business requirements with the right solution to meet your organisation’s needs.


Tape solutions come in a variety of types making it difficult to choose the best solution to meet your ever changing, offline data storage requirements. Perfekt offers a range of tape solutions from stand-alone drives to full enterprise level tape libraries. If you are looking for a tape storage solution for backup, archiving and tiered storage then Perfekt can offer you industry leading solutions to fit your requirements.

Enterprise Servers

Perfekt offers a wide range of high end servers that provide an ideal platform for today’s business-critical applications – such as database processing, customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning – and highly consolidated, virtual server environments. With multiple workloads running on the same server, performance remains important while reliability and availability become more critical than ever.

Rack and Tower Servers

Perfekt provides mid level rack and tower servers from a variety of vendors that will match any workload that your organisation requires. Rack and Tower Servers are ideal for small to medium organisational environments such as email, database and virtual infrastructures. Perfekt believes that there is no cookie-cutter approach to servers as each organisation’s needs are unique. We work with our customers to ensure that our solutions meet your requirements for performance, high availability, scalability, power efficiency and proactive manageability.

Blade Solutions

By integrating servers, storage and networking, Perfekt is helping companies in every industry sweep complexity aside. Server blades contain all the necessities to run applications, processors, memory, I/O and storage. Blade chassis contain shared redundant power, shared hot-swap cooling, DVD, integrated ethernet, storage, switching and consolidated powerful management.

The innovative design of blade solutions offer a true alternative to today’s sprawling racks and overheated server rooms. So toss your cables. You have nothing to lose but complexity.

Perfekt offers a range of desktop PCs from industry leading vendors that provide high performance and functionality at cost effective prices. If you are looking for a desktop solution that can meet the most demanding challenges then Perfekt can provide a solution to meet your needs.

Perfekt can provide your business with a range of notebooks that will meet the most demanding of business users. Regardless of if your company needs a cost effective general purpose solution or a high end high performance notebook Perfekt has a solution to meet your requirements.

Perfekt offers a range of networking devices from industry leading vendors. Our networking solutions will meet the most demanding networking needs such as Quality of Service (QoS) and security, our solutions are provided in a scalable yet granular fashion allowing your company to grow as demands increase. 

Perfekt provide networking devices with 10/100, Gigabit and 10-Gigabit interfaces, integrated PoE+, and a choice of form factors. 

Perfekt’s networking solutions provide excellent investment protection, expandability, and scalability, as well as ease of deployment, operation, and maintenance.

Companies are faced with ever increasing threats from both internal and external sources. Perfekt offers a range of security solutions that will help your company in the fight against this problem. We offer software, hardware and cloud services that can protect your IT infrastructure against viruses, malware, spam, web threats, intrusion and much more. 

Perfekt also has a range of email/web filtering solutions to enhance the protection and security of your organisation’s IT environment.

Printing is a key requirement of any business. Users require different qualities, colour, paper size and much more. 

Perfekt has partnered with key vendors to provide a full range of printing solutions that are both scalable, robust and cost efficient. We will work with your organisation to design a solution that will meet both your needs and budget without compromising quality and features.

More and more organisations are moving to a centralised, consolidated desktop infrastructure to simplify management, administration and control of their IT environments. Thin client computing is being deployed into organisations to replace ageing desktop fleets and reduce the cost of IT operations. 

Perfekt offers a range of thin clients that assist IT departments in achieving these goals and integrate into all vendors desktop consolidation solutions.


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