According to IDC, companies’ information has been growing at rates of approximately sixty to eighty percent per annum. With this trend expected to continue businesses are looking for ways to handle this growth in the most effective manner. In addition to managing growth, companies are being asked to be more effective, do more on a smaller budget as IT budgets and the number of resources available is being reduced.

Centralised storage now forms the foundation for many corporate data centres and provides the underlying technology to enable the business to achieve its business goals, regulatory obligations and to leverage technologies such as virtualisation. A myriad of choices of vendors, technology and functionality make the selection and implementation of centralised storage a crucial decision for any company.

Perfekt can help you build an efficient storage infrastructure that lets you store, protect, optimise, and leverage your information, from a single e-mail to your production databases.

Perfekt will also enable your IT team to manage more data, more efficiently. Information will be kept available and secure, and your organisation will be ready for growth.


Storage hardware now forms the backbone of most IT Infrastructures. It provides the underlying functions, capacity and performance to enable a business to meet its operational requirements. Storage hardware provides the core centralised, highly available platform for virtualisation projects giving you peace of mind that the data will be safe and accessible when needed. As more and more technology emerges from an increasing number of vendors, organisations are facing growing complexities to provide solutions to meet current and future business requirements which also integrate with their existing environment.

Perfekt has great depth of expertise in providing enterprise information and storage services. These services include :

  • Strategic planning and roadmap development
  • Storage architecture and implementation
  • Ongoing support services

The result will be an integrated, hardware agnostic enterprise storage strategy, architecture or implemented solution that reduces risk by leveraging our experience and combining all facets of your organisation’s existing and future requirements.

Organisations are experiencing rapid growth in storage requirements which is becoming more and more difficult to manage. Businesses are implementing multiple storage arrays, often from multiple vendors making management, workload distribution and integration complex.

Storage virtualisation solves this issue by consolidating multiple storage arrays into a single unified solution, providing a centralised distributed platform that is simple to use and manage across data centres.

Perfekt can provide you with industry leading storage virtualisation solutions that are cost-effective and simple to implement. Perfekt is highly experienced in storage virtualisation services including storage assessments, planning and implementations.

Key benefits include:

  • Single point of control for all storage resources
  • Pool storage from multiple storage systems to increase performance and capacity
  • Provides scalability to grow storage as needed
  • Migrate data between storage devices and tiers of disk
  • Centralises local and remote replication services.

Storage utilisation continues to grow at ever increasing rates making it more and more difficult for companies to track, manage and get the full benefits out of their infrastructure. Until now, it has been difficult to get a complete picture of your organisation’s storage capacity. Storage Array vendor tools provide an array-side view of storage allocation but don’t give you actual usage metrics from the array or hosts. 

Perfekt’s Storage Capacity and Monitoring solution provides end-to-end storage capacity reporting from the hosts to the storage array to give administrators greater control over storage management.

  • Automated mapping shows the relationship between each host and LUN in your environment to convey how the storage resources are being used
  • Host utilisation shows the amount of storage capacity allocated and used by each host
  • Array utilisation shows the amount of allocated and used storage on each storage array
  • Application utilisation easily identifies the amount of storage used vs. allocated by application.

IT departments are tasked with delivering business services and networked applications that are dependent on reliable networks, physical and virtual servers, desktops and centralised storage, making management of the entire IT infrastructure more and more complex. Perfekt’s infrastructure management solutions can solve these complexities through consolidation of IT operations into a single centralised interface. Perfekt understands that infrastructure management is a critical part of any organisation and is often the most time consuming function for IT personnel. Through consultation and consolidation of management tools we can help your organisation simplify and consolidate all of your management tools into one unified approach, giving your IT team more time to focus on core operations.

Our Infrastructure Management Solutions can assist your with:

  • Server Management
  • Storage Management
  • Desktop Management
  • Device Management
  • Virtual Infrastructure Management
  • Server Maintenance and Deployment
  • Server and Desktop Patch Management
  • Error Monitoring and Alerting
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Performance and Speed
  • OS Deployment
  • Application Distribution
  • Device Health Status Information.

Need to make an informed decision? Contact a Perfekt specialist to get a free consultation.