Data protection and compliance is a major objective of today’s corporate and government environments. Implementing a business focused strategic approach to data protection and compliance can become a highly complex and drawn out experience for many organisation’s IT administrators.

Perfekt understands that data protection requirements change, depending on a variety of business, technical and operational factors. Couple this with ever increasing archival and compliance requirements (which are quickly becoming standard in even the most modest of business environments) and organisations can find that implementing an efficient, scalable and flexible solution into their environment becomes a daunting task.

Perfekt’s approach to solve these issues is to break them down into key components. Each of these components is treated as separate, interconnected projects. Using the combination of Industry Best Practice, our extensive experience; as well as best of breed specialist solutions from industry leaders, we can ensure the overall strategic direction and individual specific requirements for each distinct component are met.

Perfekt’s data protection services will provide corporate IT service departments with a complete understanding of their backup/archive environment and allow your organisation to get the best out of its investment in backup/archiving infrastructure.

Our Data Protection solutions can assist you with:

  • Data Protection Scalability
  • Multisite Protection
  • Performance and Speed
  • Virtualisation Protection
  • Continuous Data Protection
  • Replication
  • Archiving and Compliance
  • Centralising Data Protection
  • Flexibility and Security
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Deduplication
  • Monitoring/Reporting
  • Health Checks
  • Capacity Planning


Information Management Policy needs to provide guidance on:

  • Business and IT information management practices
  • Multi-tiered storage infrastructure to meet the varying service levels and cost requirements
  • Active archiving and compliance solutions to retain information for regulatory, legal, intellectual property and other requirements.

Perfekt’s Archive and Compliance Services offers cost-effective storage and data retention management throughout all phases of the data’s lifecycle. We help keep the data organised, searchable and accessible, which will enable you to extract the data can you need for regulatory compliance, audits or other archival research.

Off-loading old data from your servers or primary centralised storage will free up space, leaving applications to run more efficiently.

Utilising Perfekt’s Archive and Compliance Services changes data from just files on disk, to well -protected, maintained and instantly available information. File it away, but file it in the right place.

Key benefits include:

  • Long-term, secure and organised: Easily retrieve aged information when you need it.
  • Information Lifecycle Management (ILM): Reduce overall costs of storage and enhance primary storage performance.
  • Meet Regulatory Compliance: By employing technology, such as Write Once-Read Many (WORM) storage, you can reduce risk of regulatory non-compliance.
  • Utility Pricing and Provisioning: Purchase only the storage you need as you need it with the ability to increase or decrease capacity within a matter of hours.
  • Best-in-Class tools and processes: Improve the clarity, consistency, and availability of your global storage environment by utilising our vast experience and proven processes.
  • Environmentally Sustainable: Reduce power consumption and CO2 emissions by eliminating unused storage capacity, employing high-capacity storage tiers and consolidating storage across multiple locations..

Backup and recovery of data is critical for business survival, especially with exploding data growth and legal compliance regulations imposed on corporate Australia.

Your information/data is as unique as your organisation and so are your data protection requirements.

Perfekt is highly experienced in backup and recovery, archiving and compliance strategies and can design the most appropriate solution to meet your specific needs and requirements. We have a range of services to assist our customers in getting the most out of their investment including:

  • Strategic planning
  • Data protection & compliance architecture
  • Implementation
  • Ongoing support services.

Taking a specialist approach to your data protection and compliance needs will ensure that all of your requirements are met..

Continuous Data Protection (CDP) combines local and remote protection into a cost-effective, unified, disk-based solution that lets you recover data back to the most recent transaction. CDP delivers fast, reliable recovery, bringing your business back online sooner than you thought possible. Using a wealth of sophisticated technologies — including application integration, physical-to-virtual recovery, and WAN-optimised replication — entire systems can be restored in minutes. Lost files can be recovered in seconds.

Data is protected in its native format, and instantly accessible. Your recovery time objective (RTO) changes from hours to minutes, minimising system downtime and economic impact.

Perfekt’s CDP service can help your business achieve greater levels of data protection, improve recovery times and speeds and minimise data loss on critical business systems within your data centre.

Rapid storage growth across the enterprise, both inside and outside the data center, has challenged traditional backup approaches. One of the ways companies can reduce the sheer weight of data being pushed to backup is through data deduplication. Data deduplication involves looking for redundant instances of backup data at a sub-file or block level across all backup data and all locations, thereby allowing companies to reduce the amount of storage needed for backups. In addition to improving the backup process, data deduplication technology can enhance disaster recovery by reducing the bandwidth needed to transmit large volumes of data between different sites.

Perfekt can provide you with industry leading data deduplication solutions that provide cost-effective adoption and implementation into their environment. Perfekt is highly experienced in data deduplication services including site assessments, proof of concepts and implementations.

Utilising Perfekt’s data deduplication services will help  you manage backups, recoveries and disaster recovery more effectively whilst getting the most out of your current infrastructure investment.

Key benefits include:

  • Manage the lifecycle of backup and recovery data from disk to tape more efficiently with fewer resources
  • Improve disk storage utilisation in the data centre and reduce costs associated with tape management
  • Protect remote server and application data without a local backup application or tape media
  • Enable replication of data for secure low cost duplication of backup data to DR facility
  • Reduce network bandwidth utilistion by moving less backup data across the network.

Disaster Recovery is the process an organisation uses to recover access to their software, data and/or hardware that is needed to resume normal, critical business functions after the event of either a natural disaster or human error.

Perfekt can asses your business recovery objectives & build the right disaster recovery solution that will minimise the effects of a disaster and ensure that your organisation will be able to either maintain or quickly resume mission critical IT functions, providing access to data.

Data Protection monitoring is critical to organisations due to the requirements to ensure data is being protected. This is a constant challenge to most IT departments due to limited functionality within existing vendor tools.

Perfekt has a range of solutions that can provide your organisation with a centralised multi-vendor monitoring solution that will give your IT department clearer insight into the data protection environment, provide more efficient identification of potential issues and ensuring data is available as and when required.

Key areas that Perfekt’s monitoring solutions can address:

  • Backup Job Reports
  • Secondary Backup Copy Reports
  • Offsite Replication Reports
  • Tape Utilisation
  • Disk Utilisation
  • Growth Predictions

Perfekt provides a complete solution that encompasses all of your requirements into a single unified package giving your organisation peace of mind that data protection systems in place are going to meet your needs both now and into the future.


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