Certified Data Erasure

Should your vital organisational data mistakenly fall into the hands of others, integrity is jeopardised with serious repercussions. With the exponential growth of data organisations are frequently replacing older existing equipment. The question then arises “How do we safeguard our reputation” whilst conforming to the strictest regulatory compliance standards and industry best practices.

Perfekt offer a “Certified Data Erasure” service that can be carried out in-house without the need for any data to leave a customer’s site, thereby significantly reducing the risks associated with data leakage. By implementing industry leading erasure practises Perfekt can securely wipe most media formats, ranging from Desktop/Laptops, to mobile Phones/Tablets/Flash drives through to Enterprise SAN, NAS and Server systems.

Perfekt’s tried and tested erasure method has been proven by millions of successful erasures around the world. Our engineers use the most advanced data erasure solution on the market which can affordably guarantee the successful erasure across multiple data storage devices. This is backed by internationally certified erasure methods such as:

  • HMG Infosec Standard No: 5
  • US Department of Defense Sanitizing

To meet audit requirements we can produce comprehensive reports to prove the successful erasure of any disk identified in the erasure process.

Once the certified erasure has been completed on site, Perfekt can arrange for the hardware to be removed from site and transported to a purpose built e-waste facility where all equipment can also be physically destroyed and once again the process will be certified ensuring there is no risk involved.

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