Taking Digital Transformation to the next level

Digital Transformation is an important agenda item, yet few organisations make it a top priority. A white paper from Tech Research Asia and Hitachi will help you move from just thinking about it to actually implementing it.
The paper will guide you through a Digital Readiness Health Check and explain how to take digital transformation to the next level.


A Guide to Edge Computing

It’s well recognised that the internet of the future is going to have to cope with content that is much more bandwidth-intensive, and some cloud and co-location services may not be able to keep up.
Edge Computing might be a solution to help companies prepare now to avoid network congestion and poor performance issue in the future. We recommend this research paper from Tech Research Asia.


A Non-Vendor-Speak Guide to Privileged Access Management

Today, it’s commonplace to see news reports of security breaches. Safeguarding your company’s data is of utmost importance. Yet building and enforcing protections can be a challenge when there are so many employees who require privileged access to your firm’s most critical data.
This practical step-by-step guide from Beyond Trust will help you quickly make progress to protect against data breaches and discusses.


5 Strategies for Modern Data Protection

Every day, your business is confronted with unprecedented challenges in protecting, backing up and recovering data. Conventional approaches no longer work in the world of virtual servers, consolidated data centres, and extraordinary data growth.
This white paper from Commvault discusses 5 smart data protection strategies.


Latest Security Attack & Threat Research


Understanding your vulnerabilities and potential adversaries is the first step in protecting your organisation against cyber threats. Knowledge is power and the more you know, the harder it will become to mount a successful attack!
The latest Application Usage and Threat Report (AUTR) from Unit 42, presents the latest research findings on attack and threat trends.


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