IoT & big data analytics for Collision Awareness

Perfekt Software CTO Dan Roitman partnered with SICK Sensor Intelligence Systems to implement IoT & big data analytics for the Collision Awareness and Road Departure Early Warning Systems, based on smart sensor technology for the Mining Industry at #IMARC 2018 – Australias largest Mining Conference, connecting global mining leaders with technologies of the future.   “…The mining industry is extremely complex, and involves numerous types of equipment, technology, and science.  Smart sensors, IoT, Big Data and Analytics have started playing a massive role in the Mining Industry on many levels, with companies now starting to take advantage of these technologies to get valuable insights to improve safety, cut costs and gain productivity”, says Dan.  Click here for white papers and to learn more about why it’s an exciting time at Perfekt


Photo :  Dan Roitman, CTO Perfekt Software with Massimo Sacchi, Product Manager -System Solutions, SICK Sensor Intelligence


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