Data Retention ≠ Backup Retention

If you asked anyone the basic question “How long should I keep my backups (or backup tapes) for?”, the most common answer in Australia would be “7 years”. But they could never tell you why. It is one of those urban myths where, on the face of it, 7 years might sound like a reasonableREAD MORE

Animal Logic use high capacity compute and storage in a prefab data centres

Animal Logic makes the visual effects that go into films like Matrix 1 and 2, The Lego film, and Great Gatsby. In this video case study, their head of IT, Alex Timbs, explains why they selected a prefab data centre from our partners at Schneider Electric. This video will be relevant to you, if youREAD MORE

Password Management Systems

I don’t know about you, but when I was working as an infrastructure systems administrator my life was ruled by a list. A list of to-do’s to get the environment to a secure and happy place. There would be weeks where my list got smaller as I got things crossed off it. But mostly, weeksREAD MORE

About Dedupe Appliances

Many years ago, before most backup products had backup-to-disk options, vendors launched Disk-based appliances, known as Virtual Tape Libraries, as a backup target. These enhanced the backup and restore experiences over tape. Over time these appliances were enhanced to provide deduplication in the box.  This supplemented the lack of such features in some backup solutions.READ MORE

VMware vSphere 6.0 – What’s New

With VMware’s newest release of vSphere come some great new features but also some big changes in its architecture. This might make the upgrade process for your environment require some careful planning.   Scalability: Cluster size up to 64 hosts (32 previously). Each host can run up to 1024 VMs, have 480 logical CPU’s andREAD MORE

vSphere 5.5 U3b Patch Alert

On the 8th of December, 2015 VMware released a patch to ESXi 5.5 to address the POODLE vulnerability in SSLv3. Their patch disables SSLv3 on the host altogether and only allows the more secure TLS cipher to be used instead. The patch is called ESXi550-201512101-SG and is titled “Updates esx-base” in Update Manager and couldREAD MORE

How to remove tape from your backup infrastructure

Let’s face it, this topic has been in the back of everyone’s thinking for quite some time, yet few organisations of scale can achieve it. Tape has been around since the 1950s when pioneered by IBM to be a low-cost offline, and portable storage medium.  In the last 65 years it has seen significant transformationREAD MORE

Commvault continues to evolve licensing

Getting the most from your investment in CommVault is key as you data store grows and changes over time. Like all good vendors, CommVault is adding new functionality but also providing new ways in which you can purchase their product. This article walks you through the various license models and provides an outline of someREAD MORE

Decomissioning Servers from Commvault: Are You Doing it Right?

The reason for this post is that I often come across CommVault environments that have hosts which have not been decommissioned correctly. This results in the unnecessary consumption of both licensing and storage space/media. It seems that the correct way to decommission servers from Simpana isn’t something that gets highlighted enough during CommVault training. This alsoREAD MORE

Surviving Cryptolocker

Malware is becoming an increasingly more common threat in our digital world, no longer are virus writers exploiting vulnerabilities in operating system code but they have instead discovered a much easier attack vector. Simply convincing users to run their malicious software through social engineering. This is the ‘decryption instructions’ you get from CryptLocker. Pay upREAD MORE