Commvault Licensing Revolution

Commvault has iterated and significantly streamlined its licensing model which we know will delight customers with much richer bundled functionality. Called Commvault Complete, existing clients will benefit from a range of built in features that were previously charged separately. For new clients, Commvault becomes more affordable with access to the full feature set at a lower price than before.

Most Commvault clients will have experienced multiple licensing offerings in the 20+ years that the company has been in operation. Many license tweaks made previously changed the price models and most clients didn’t understand what was needed to contain the costs of licensing the platform.

Following an extensive review, Commvault’s new Complete licensing has been simplified into just 10 part numbers (down from over 300) and is available as perpetual or subscription license structures.

As part of the next annual support renewal, an “Automatic” conversion process for a client who has both TB Capacity licensing (eg DPA/DPF) and VM/socket licensing will entitle you to a mix of both. However, at the next upgrade purchase, Commvault will consolidate licenses into one or the other (and if VM-based, then supplement with Operational Instances as applicable for protection of NAS systems or physical servers).

Migration to the new license model is completely free (that is, there is nothing more to pay) and with no loss of functionality; only the following free additional functionality:

Full agents

For clients with VM/socket licensing, now full application agents are bundled with all licensing. This means that databases or applications can be protected using Commvault’s advanced agents without additional TB-based licensing.

File Archive

Move to “data management” from data protection, broadening beyond just backup. Great for project content (eg engineering) with dormant or files with low frequency of access. (Mailbox archive is licensed separately). If licensed by TB after conversion, then Backup TBs can be consumed for either Backup or Archive If licensed by VM, then there is no impact on usage – Archive is effectively free.

Premium Reporting

Allows a private (on premises) metrics reporting server (rather than in the Commvault cloud) and access to a broader range of Commvault reports.

VM Live Sync

For protecting larger VMs (>2TB that often struggle to be snapshotted), and also offers DR-style replication like vSphere Replication or Veeam, Zerto etc.

VaultTracker Enterprise

For sites that have a heavy reliance on tape, provides sophisticated enterprise tape management and tracking beyond built in VaultTracker tape management.

Next Steps:

Perfekt will help all existing clients take advantage of the new license model by walking each site through this process. In the first instance, send us your current License Summary Report. For clients not using Commvault today, now is the time to consider a Commvault solution from Perfekt. A seven-year Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader backup and data management solution, Commvault’s new licensing makes great sense following these changes.


Craig Tamlin
Perfekt’s WA Branch Manager, Craig Tamlin, is an IT industry veteran with over 30 years of international experience helping clients of all scales address their Information Management and Technology challenges. He has a passion for storage, backup/recovery and DR. Previously as Australia/NZ Country Manager of backup storage company Quantum, he has vast experience with a broad range of data protection solutions and is a Commvault platform champion, offering Commvault solutions to Perfekt’s WA clients for 9 years.


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