Ambulance Victoria is the single provider of emergency ambulance services in Victoria. During 2014, Ambulance Victoria has responded to a record 851,427 cases, including emergency and non-emergency cases, an increase of 3.4 per cent on the previous year. These included 168,405 emergency road incidents in the five rural regions, 383,863 emergency road incidents in the two metropolitan regions and 4,079 emergency air incidents (1,895 by helicopter and 2,184 by plane).


Perfekt assisted Ambulance Victoria with their Data Management strategy (Backup, Archive, Compliance, Content Index) and successfully implemented a working solution that works and requires minimum daily maintenance. Perfekt’s approach proved to be strategic and holistic which helped Ambulance Victoria to achieve their business goals.


Ambulance Victoria was experiencing issues with SAN performance that was affecting multiple systems. Perfekt analysed the SAN and identified where the problems were. The report presented to us was comprehensive and identified short and medium term solutions to improve SAN performance. Perfekt, were spot on with their assessment, once the changes were implemented there has been no further issues with SAN performance and we are seeing much more balanced use of resources.



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